About BeatBuddy

BeatBuddy is an advanced Discord bot that provides music and audio of videos from YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud to your voice channels.

Originally developed in Python as a simple, partially-functional bot in December of 2021, the bot was torn down and built from the ground up using Node.js and Discord.js in February of 2022, with updates and enhancements still being made today.

BeatBuddy features 24/7 activity and has 15+ general and music related commands. However, the bot is open to further development in order to add more features such as:

So stay tuned for updates on the site and enjoy your time with BeatBuddy!


As of Febuary 8th, 2023, BeatBuddy's command list has been fully converted to Discord Slash Commands! (no more //help !)
Other updates include:

List of Commands

General Commands

/ping Responds with "pong"
/hello Greets the command user back
/clear Clears the specified number of messages up to 14 days old
/help Shows helpful information about BeatBuddy
/servercount Outputs the number of servers that BeatBuddy is in.

Music Related Commands

/play [link or keywords] Plays the requested song or playlist in the voice channel if nothing else is playing, otherwise adds the song or playlist to the queue
/skip Skips to the next song in the queue
/skipto [number] Skips to the song at the specified index in the queue
/remove [number] Removes the song at the specified index from the queue
/pause Pauses the current song
/unpause Unpauses the song if currently paused
/queue Outputs the track number and title of the next 10 songs in the queue
/queuelength Returns the number of songs in the current song queue
/shuffle Shuffles the songs in the queue
/songinfo Outputs the title, artist, length, and date added of the currently playing song
/leave Leaves the voice channel and clears the song queue

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At this time, BeatBuddy can only play music from YouTube links and searches, Spotfiy links, and SoundCloud links.

If a link from any audio provider besides YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud is requested through the play command, BeatBuddy will not be able to find the audio and suggest that the user tries a YouTube link.

Developer: Robert Wood, L.robertwood@gmail.com, rwood7@ycp.edu, Portfolio.
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